FEP pipeline gas /liquid IOT leakage detector systems

this IOT leakage detcor based gas or liquileakage FEP cover ,it is made sodium-naphthalene then self adhesivie ,full clear,set up easy

Maximum Continuous Service Temperature:205 ℃

thickness:0.25mm to 0.5mm

Tensile Strength:20 MPa

Oxygen Index:95%

Tear Strength—Initial (Graves):5.3 N

Tear Strength—Propagating (Elmendorf):2.5 N

Bursting Strength:76 kPa

we can detector systems in drain nipple 

whenever the gas exceeds above the predefined limit than the RGB LED will glow red and simultaneously solenoid value will turn off and update it over IOT.

pipe joint leak protection system - YouTube



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