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About Control for flanges,connectors,valves,and pumps leak technology

Leaks along increasingly remote Electronics, Power, marine, chemical, medical, oil and gas pipelines have obviously severe environmental and safety effects.

Reliable piping leakage protection systems are essential for the safe leakage of water, chemicals and gases. 

now the most company only used pipeline monitoring solutions or double-containment piping system

Double-containment piping system is mainly too expensive, most of the pipes are leaking from pipe joints, not the whole pipe, so we just need to protect the pipe joints

We  specialized in designing and manufacturing leak and spray out protection  for the hazardous process industry.

Main futures of Clear leakage and spray out Guards are as follow :

1.Revolutionary clear Closure Coupling Design

2. Modular Components

3. Multiple Leak Detection Options

4.Reliable Construction

5.Convenience ; Available to every kind piping on not only new-built area but also existing area

6.Custom Fabrication Available



Control for flanges,connectors,valves,and pumps leak technology