PVC /PVDF Transparent flange guards with drain control

Welding technology to avoid sewing leakage liquid dripping on the floor pollution workshop leakage warning, transparent and visible, more resistant to aging than PP splash cover, corrosion resistance, no upper and lower shell fracture problem, transportation costs are cheaper than the PVC splash cover installation is simple, the cover can accommodate a certain amount of leakage liquid, will not let the leakage of liquid directly dripping into the ground or the workshop 8 inches above the thickness of the material is not the same, at present, the machinery can be done to 24 inches!

IN  DN D d W
1/2" 15 135 23 120
3/4" 20 135 30 120
1" 25 150 36 120
1 1/4" 32 150 45 120
1 1/2" 40 180 50 120
2" 50 220 64 120
2 1/2" 65 220 78 120
3" 80 250 92 120
4" 100 250 117 120
6" 150 320 172 120


VC/PVDF Transparent flange guards with drain control system visible indication of leakage If leakage does occur—whether drops, spray or stream this flange guards can contain it it without dripping on the floor and without corroding the equipment or the flooring They are attached or removed in seconds, and are sun, rain and fume-proof. Exclusive contoured shape makes a secure fit around flanges and valves; they won't fall off under any circumstances, even in a fire! Lightweight and compact, they fold flat for shipping and storage. The key preventive mechanism is to build up a defence against hazards and accidents Replacing any old flange spray shields at a fraction of the cost.

The PVC/PVDF Transparent Flange Guards with Drain Control System offer robust protection against leaks in industrial settings. Here's a detailed overview of their features:

  1. Leak Containment: These flange guards are designed to effectively contain leaks, whether they occur as drops, sprays, or streams. They prevent the leaked substances from dripping onto the floor, thereby minimizing potential hazards and environmental contamination.

  2. Corrosion Resistance: Constructed from PVC/PVDF materials, these flange guards are resistant to corrosion, ensuring that both the equipment and flooring are safeguarded against damage caused by leaked substances.

  3. Visible Leakage Indication: The transparent design of these flange guards allows for easy visual detection of any leakage, enabling prompt identification and response to potential issues.

  4. Quick Attachment and Removal: They can be easily attached or removed in seconds, facilitating swift response to leak incidents and minimizing operational downtime.

  5. Weather and Chemical Resistance: These flange guards are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, and fumes. Their durability ensures reliable performance even in harsh industrial environments.

  6. Secure Fit: The exclusive contoured shape of these flange guards ensures a secure fit around flanges and valves, preventing them from falling off under any circumstances, including during fires.

  7. Cost-Effective Replacement: These flange guards offer a cost-effective solution for replacing old flange spray shields, providing enhanced protection at a fraction of the cost.

  8. Lightweight and Compact: Despite their sturdy construction, these flange guards are lightweight and compact, making them easy to handle, transport, and store. They can be folded flat for convenient shipping and storage purposes.

In summary, the PVC/PVDF Transparent Flange Guards with Drain Control System offer comprehensive leak protection, combining preventive measures with rapid response capabilities to enhance workplace safety and environmental protection in industrial settings.


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