Flange guards with PTFE/graphite tape

Body:AISI 316L stainless steel with drain pipe 

connection:double bolt

tape on the flange guard's internal surface:PTFE/graphite tape

PTFE tape 

pH :0-14 

Temperature :-260 ° C to +270 ° C

Pressure: Vacuum up to 40 bar

Graphite Tape

Type Description Value
Temperature Limits    
Minimum -320°F (-200°C)
In air 840°F (450°C)
In steam 1200°F (650°C)
In reducing or inert media 5400°F (3000°C)
Pressure Static 2000 psi (137 bar)
pH   0-14
Typical Properties    
Carbon Content 98% Minimum
Leachable Chlorides 50 ppm maximum
Total Sulfur 100 ppm maximum


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