How to prootect liquid leakage in pipeline

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we used filll let pipeline full sealing ,close gas and liquid leakage to it can be less for leakage dangerIf liquid leakage or film cover broken,In flexible tube Leak Detection will test liquid pressure not vaccume,then will close control vavle.stop,so liquid will be not  continue leakage
at last let operators repair pipeline.

Zipple :

Double Flange Zipper,Having Flange on both side of the zipper. Equal or unequal


Materical:EVA,PTFE(not zipper type),stainless steel

Set up:
1.useed zipper then let zipper profiles sealing,
2.uesed  sealing,tape and clamp let colsed.
3.used aspiration column let film cover to be vaccume
4.colse flexible tube valve ,let all leakage film be vaccume

How to prootect liquid leakage in pipeline

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