What is different valve containment system from valve cover

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Valve guards and valve containment systems serve similar purposes by protecting valves from damage and preventing leaks. However, there are differences between the two.

Valve guards are typically made of strong materials such as metal or plastic and are installed around valves to protect them from physical damage caused by impact, corrosion, or other environmental factors. They usually encase the valve completely, protecting it from any external source of mechanical damage or wear and tear. The valve guard typically has an opening allowing access to the valve control mechanism and is designed to be strong enough to withstand a physical impact or accidental bump.

On the other hand, valve containment systems are designed to contain the hazardous materials that can be released from a leaking valve. They are installed around the valve and consist of a rigid outer structure and a flexible liner that provides a seal to prevent hazardous materials from escaping into the environment. Valve containment systems are designed to fully contain any leaks from the valve to prevent any potential environmental damage or health risks.

While both valve guards and valve containment systems offer protection for valves, they are designed for different purposes. Valve guards protect valves from physical damage, while valve containment systems protect the environment and people from hazardous leaks.

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