Why need clear leakage and spray out guards

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Current national or most international concepts.
        Chemical solutions, toxic gases and other dangerous chemicals leaking out of containers and pipes, being flowed into the ground, rivers and the atmosphere, as long as there is no major chemical accident, generally will not attract much attention, the vast majority of people also do not consider it environmental pollution. Domestic is also currently only with the splash shield, it is only a little effect on human spray injury, but still serious pollution of the environment. As no measures are taken to continue production, continue to pollute the soil, pollute the atmosphere, but also cause safety hazards accidents.

 Clear leakage and spray out guards it is very different from spray shields,it is not only prevent leakage spray out but also can let leakage can not leakage out to  pollute the soil  and environmental pollution.

They can made flexible material or plastic sheet



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