chemical gas leakage protection

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In chemical gas  industry, pipeline leakage is  very seriously affecte  


People's health or life .Due to the large and complicated of pipeline s systems and  

 Chemical gas leakage occurs quite frequently also it  causing serious dangerous or have a bad result and economic loss.

chemical gas leakage protection

nowdays test gas leakage are most used  in pipleline ,such as gas leakage monitoring and detection system.

but inner pipeline used gas leakage monitoring is very  costly and trouble .

if package pipeline ,let pipeline full cover package ,then let package less then atmospheric pressure,if package broken or pipeline gas leakage occurs.

 pipleline   In package cover system drain nipple part of  gas leakage detection(pressure monitoring ),will test pressure less.

then closed the gas control vavle. through APP noted( the pressure data coming from GPRS module will be receivedby NetAssist, and saved and processed by MySQL database.

)opterated workers ,let they take repair tools .repair pipeline or package  leakage cover.

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