how according pipeline pressure choose spray shields

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spray safety shields are very import in chemical corrosion fluid plant.when pipeline( such flange ,valve ,fitting) leakage, it can safe guards prevent chemical corrosion fluid spray out to injure people.but most design for pipeline safety  do not know how pressure for pipeline leakage suit what kind of spray safety shields

  1. spray tape type shields


     connect type: clip

    temperature: 100 °C

    max pressure:40 bar


2.textile or cloth type

materical:PP ,PVC,PTFE

connect type : by rope and VELCRO

pressure: 40 bar

metal type

materical : carbon steel (Galvanized steel ) it is suit for 460 ℃

                  stainless steel(304 or 316L) is suit for 700 ℃

connect type:clamp

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