What is different transparent leak guards from splash guard(spray shields)

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One of concerns in these days is environmental issue,special for soil pollution

splash guard(spray shields) only protection shielding pipe joints (flanges, valves, couplings, hoses)  Acid, oil and steam jet spray-out the pipe joints

1.PE Plastic  flagne guards

Guards shell up and down will be leak out liquild ,Guards and pipe joints will be leak out

2.Fabric Guards

Fabric sewing will be leak out

Tied with cord will be leak out 

3. metal band


can protecion spray out from flange and flange connect.

bolt hole  spray out can not protection 


piping transparent  leak guards

designed shell cover ,up and down with gasket with bolt and nut connect

guards with pipe joints made from Muti-seal (gas leak standard)

guards with piping used pipe clamp fix

drain system is gas leak standard


pipeline leakage and corrosion protection - YouTube

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